Monday, July 23, 2007


A WOOW news!

Thank you very very very very much for your friendly friendly friendly supports! We have a big progress on our project. Technically, we have solved the problem on "broadcasting". We are planning to do something before we can acheive our ultimate "LIVE" goal.

We have found out some web streaming services in the Internet. (Camstreams, and many software allowing webcams to be converted into a live broadcasting camera(Active Webcam, WebCamXp). The whole list has been uploaded to

YOU ARE INVITED to setup your live camera at your home, capturing the sky outside your window, (not necessarily to be a sunrise at this stage). We will provide you our server to broadcast your camera if needed.

Tell us once you have prepared your sky. Let every one watches your sky outside of your window. Every one will be able to watch your sky changing colors like a rainbow.

The following is a list of applicable software which may be useful.

PYsoft : Active Webcam 9.2 (PC)

WebcamXP: (PC)

Servers without using software:
Ustreams: (MAC ok)

Meanwhile! We are too bored! We want something more!! We need all the stuff you can offer us, your own pictures, images of your sky, clips of sunrise, poetry, writings, paintings, whatever you can offer. We will do something beside capturing the sunrises . Mail us:

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