Sunday, July 22, 2007

Woow NEWS!

Woow woow woow,
Thanks to Nick's camera, we have now set up the first camera capturing the sunrise in Hong Kong. It is at 66 degree (Whole Circle Bearing). If you want to watch the sunrise in Hong Kong, wake up at 5.30am, brush your teeth and wash your face, enjoy the sunrise at 5.45am! It is really exciting to watch other countries' sunrises live! Monitoring equipment does not capture robbers alone, it can be something fun! Try to use your high-tech stuff in a high-touch way.

Woow! Keep our momentum!

R! We have decided to set a webcam monitoring ourself in our working tiny room in Hong Kong. You can see us live! So call us or ask us to say hello to you in front of the cam! You can see us dancing, eating, sleeping, working live in front of your desk.

See the sunrise from GMT+8 zone:

I think we better explain you how it works. So, you may try that in your own house.
All the equipment you need to have is simply a webcam, with a PC. And then download a software which allows you to broadcast. There are many already, the one we use is called Active Webcam, which can be downloaded in their website:
And then you can just follow the instruction of the software and share the sunrise with people from the other corner of the Earth, if you can see the sunrise from your house.

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